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Meri Reinhold

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Meri retired from a 40-year career in social services. She took up drawing in 1989 as a respite from the demands of her work. Later, she was drawn to watercolor and the play of light around solid forms. With no formal art instruction beyond a few classes at the community art center, she was lucky enough to meet watercolor artists who were forming the Bloomington Watercolor Society. Through them, and her membership, she expanded her ability to paint. "My first love is to paint life - living creatures, both human and animal. Secondly, I love to travel and many of my paintings are reminders of places I've seen." Meri's work has been on display in a number of juried shows in Indiana, including the Hoosier Salon, New Harmony Gallery, Krempp Gallery of the Jasper Community Arts, the Indiana Wildlife Artists, and the 2019 juried show of the Watercolor Society of Indiana. Meri is a signature member of the Bloomington Watercolor Society and is also a member of the Lawrence County Art Association. Meri teaches drawing to those who feel they "can't draw a straight line with a ruler" stating that "drawing is a learned behavior; I promise that anyone can learn to do it. ”Her classes are limited to 3-5 students at a time to ensure everyone meets their goals in learning to draw. She served as the past treasurer of the Bloomington Portrait Group and has assisted the Bloomington Watercolor Society with their note card project and nominations committee.