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Babette Ballinger

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Babette Ballinger grew up in Memphis Tennessee and graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a BFA. After moving to New York City where she had a great time but did not find fame and fortune, she moved to Los Angles where she became a successful fashion designer and merchandiser in the heyday of color-coordinated pant suits and nylon printed shirts. Returning to New York, Babette eventually owned her own garment manufacturing company. Asa design and sales firm, she had to constantly re-invent herself, as well as learn how to run a business.

Upon retirement, Babette moved to Bloomington Indiana to keep her life sustainable, and to increase her participation in theatre and art. She is a member of the Bloomington Water Color Society and Upland Plein-Air Group, Artists for Climate Change, as well as IPAPA. She also serves on the Bloomington Arts Commission.