Emma’s Willow

Laura Lynn Leffers

oil on canvas, 2022, 6x6




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Laura Lynn Leffers

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Laura Lynn Leffers is a life-long oil painter, author of several books of both fiction and non-fiction, and dozens of published articles in the arts field.  She believes in the power of connection created by telling a story well—in paint on canvas or by word on paper. Ms. Leffers holds a B.S. in Education from Indiana University with a focus in Art and Literature.  She feels fortunate to have lived for many years near the coastlines of major bodies of water, including several years in Marina di Ravenna, Italy, near the Adriatic Sea.  Her time in Europe provided an opportunity to study the artwork of antiquity as well as the more contemporary work in museums throughout the continent.

Back home in Indiana, she owned and managed Hill House Arts Retreat, in Owen County, and was able to continue her education by hosting domestic and international artists, often writing about their work. Water is a favorite subject for her paintings, as is portraiture and plein air work.  She is a member of Upland Plein Air Group, IPAPA, Mystery Writers of America, and the Bloomington Writers Group, as well as a past board member/officer for the Owen County Art Guild and the Limestone Symposium.