Red Sun Rising

Maureen Pirog

Glass frit, stringers and cast glass. The bowl is 6.3” in diameter and 2” high. On the stand it is 8.5” high and 6.3” wide.




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Maureen Pirog

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In the five plus years since I retired from IU, I used a good part of my newly found time to learn how to blow and fuse glass. I specialize in making a type of glass I refer to as Sugar and Ice glass. Crushed glass is kiln-heated barely enough to create sturdy glass bowls and art pieces while leaving enough texture to both reflect and refract light. Heating schedules vary based on size, whether I have included any solid glass, and the colors of the glass. These pieces sparkle when displayed in natural light, or under spot, pendant or chandelier lighting. These pieces evoke a sense of joy and happiness and usually astonish folks who see these unique sparkling gems. I cannot say no body else is doing glass work like this, but I have looked and have yet to find it.