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Neil Taylor

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During his studies at the University of New Mexico, Neil Taylor became interested in printmaking. He continued to investigate this new art-making technique at the University of Hartford Art School, studying with Fred Wessel and Jim Lee. In 1989, he moved to Bloomington and began working at Indiana University’s Printmaking program. Here he focused on the intaglio methods of printmaking with Marvin Lowe, Edward Bernstein, Wendy Calman, and Rudy Pozzatti. As an employee at Echo Press, a Fine Art Print Publisher, he assisted Master Printer David Keister, and the publisher’s visiting artists. Neil draws, engraves, and cuts wood to discover a psychology of a certain place, thing, or time. It may be a portrait, a landscape, or a flower. Whatever the subject, light, and shadow are always important. This preoccupation with chiaroscuro usually leads to introspection about life and death.