Opening "Photographers' Room" on January 7th, 2023!

December 31, 2022

Textures of Light is a collaboration by three lens-based visual artists whose paths crossed fortuitously in 2022.  Lisa Spencer and Matthew Hicks, of Bloomington, and Eric Schoch, of Indianapolis, began work blending their approaches to fine art photography after they were connected via a mashup of memberships in the Bloomington Photography Club and the monthly FAR Photo Review.

For this show, Spencer has selected images that probe the body and nature through abstractions and multiple overlaid images. Similarly, Hicks has selected works that explore a world whose subjects often go unseen, or unnoticed. Schoch is interested in ways color, lines, and shapes play with each other at various levels of abstraction to talk about content. Each hopes the photographs will engage viewers in private conversation about what they are seeing.